Fresh Capsule Mask Cocoon Silk

Fresh Capsule Mask Cocoon Silk

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The Oozoo Fresh Capsule Mask Cocoon Silk to firm skin.

Cocoon Silk Activator Capsule: A Cocoon Silk activator capsule contains Silk Amino Acid extracted from thousands of real silks thread by encapsulating for separation and stabilization.

Cocoon Silk Mask: By containing Triple Hyaluronic Acid and Collageneer, it provides lifting effects and enhances synergy with cocoon silk activator for firmer and moisturized skin.

Watermic Microfiber Sheet: A microfiber sheet, which is effectively holding and absorbing hydration, helps deliver active ingredients in fresh status by softly adhering on the skin surface.


1. Press the capsule blister on the front side of the pouch powerfully to burst up the blister.
2. Before opening the pouch, please softly massage the pouch so that activator ingredient of capsule blister can be fully absorbed into mask sheet.
3. Take out the mask sheet from the pouch and apply it on your face. Leave on for 10~20 minutes, remove the mask sheet and then gently pat your face so that the remaining ampoule essence could be completely absorbed into the skin.