Moisture Ampoule
Pyunkang Yul

Moisture Ampoule

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The Pyunkang Yul Moisture Ampoule only contains 6 premium ingredients to provide long lasting moisture, smooth skin texture and calm sensitive skin with a unique adhesive texture. When applied at the end of your routine, it helps seal all the moisture in the skin and keeps skin cool.

The Moisture Ampoule is similar to the Balancing Gel, but is more suitable for oily skin types


  1. This product is best to be used as the last step of your routine - it will help to seal all the moisture in the skin
  2. Take out adequate amount using dropper
  3. Gently apply over face and pat lightly for full absorption
  4. Apply one extra layer for extra hydration (TIP: it would be much better to lightly apply small amounts twice than to apply a large amount at once.)