Power Capsule Lightening Mask
Power Capsule Lightening Mask

Power Capsule Lightening Mask

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This cool 3D mask contains a capsule where once it's popped, it releases an essence containing enhancing moisture additives to activate even more nutrients when mixed in with the rest of the mask. The clear essence contains green tea oil and black currant oil to brighten the skin and help maintain an overall healthy and young look. The little blue dots inside the clear essence contain olive oil and grapeseed oil extracts which work to moisturize dry and rough skin types. The mask itself contains an amino acid complex and a white flower complex which work together to brighten and lift your skin.


 1. Press down on the capsule to pop and release the oil contents into the mask.
2. Thoroughly mix and massage the oil contents into the mask package.
3. Open the package and remove the paper backing from the mask before applying onto the face.